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Lines In The Sand, The Protein Gallery 2012

Jackalope Films presents:




A Film by Corrina Eastwood and Gavin Round at The Protein Gallery, 18 Hewitt St


Thurs 19th July 2012 18.00-21.00


Lines In The Sand is a poignant short animation that explores cycles of abuse and the ambiguity of understanding and judgment when faced with the complexities of the human condition. Denial, avoidance, acceptance and blame are explored through the basic narrative of a singular relationship.


Using a sparse visual aesthetic and utilizing traditional hand drawn techniques Lines In The Sand is a moving meditation on the way in which such human conflicts are defined and addressed. Written by Artist and Art Psychotherapist Corrina Eastwood and animated by Gavin Round using pencil on paper, Lines In The Sand seeks to reflect the grey areas between black and white and how we decide where lines are to be drawn.


Screened as part of an installation at the Protein Gallery along with each individual hand drawn frame the viewer is invited to further reflect on the nature of analysis.


The event was part of The Shoreditch Fringe Festival in 2012.


Read The Shoreditch Film Festival's review of Lines In The Sand here

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