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The Baby And The Snake

'The Baby And The Snake' is a short documentary exploring patriarchal roles within Romani Gypsy culture, the impact of culturally constructed ideas of masculinity, social exclusion and paternal relationships.


An archetypal story of a baby and a snake acts as a metaphor for the impact of prejudice and persecution on individual experience and throws an empathic light on the effects of society’s intolerance of an ethnic and cultural difference, surrounding this private community. 


Aggression and tenderness layer and merge in an exploration of fatherhood over several generations in a community that continues to fight for ethnic and cultural acceptance.


The Baby and the Snake is Directed by Corrina Eastwood and follows the relationships and experiences of members of Corrina's family.


The film developed from a presentation in 2015 for the International  Institute for Visual Arts event ‘Say No To Identity Theft - Issues surrounding the politics, history and current situation of English Gypsy Romani identity in the U.K’. 

Directed by              Corrina Eastwood 

Edited by                 Gavin Round

Music by                  Macks Faulkron

In 2018 The Baby And The Snake won 'Best Documentary' at the London Independent Film Awards

Lifa Winner Laurel 2018.png
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