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Lines In The Sand

Lines In The Sand is a poignant short animation that explores cycles of abuse and the ambiguity of understanding and judgment when faced with the complexities of the human condition. Denial, avoidance, acceptance and blame are explored through the basic narrative of a singular relationship.


Using a sparse visual aesthetic and utilizing traditional hand drawn techniques Lines In The Sand is a moving meditation on the way in which such human conflicts are defined and addressed. Written by Artist and Art Psychotherapist Corrina Eastwood and animated by Gavin Round using pencil on paper, Lines In The Sand seeks to reflect the grey areas between black and white and how we decide where lines are to be drawn.


Drawing on writer Corrina Eastwood’s experience of working therapeutically with both victims and perpetrators of abuse, Lines In The Sand developed as an idea within the context of a society that in part manages and acknowledges it’s ‘monstrous’ acts with irrational judgment and fear.


We wanted to take a neutral look at these difficult issues, removing any sense of sensationalism to explore and reflect upon, perhaps in a more abstract way, the ambiguity of such judgment and fear when faced with complex and distressing issues.


We decided on a sparse, minimal look for the film and chose animation as it allowed us to focus purely on the characters, in a sense isolating them from their environment as a way to remove context.


Lines In The Sand was shot on digital video and rotoscoped by hand using pencil and paper and was a self-funded project. It is the first film in an intended series from husband and wife team Gavin Round and Corrina Eastwood. 


Stuart London

                     Reece Root

                     Mitchel Root

                     Jereome Beresford

                     Ian McPherson



Directed by              Corrina Eastwood & Gavin Round

Written by                Corrina Eastwood

Animated by            Gavin Round

Edited by                 Corrina Eastwood & Gavin Round

Music by                  Rod Dixon

Narrated by              Stuart London

Sound Recorded by Dan Thurlow

Title Design by        Weirdcore



Writer / Co-director / Editor

Corrina Eastwood is a practicing artist working as a painter and film maker and is also a qualified Art Psychotherapist. "Lines In The Sand" is Corrina's first short film as both writer and co-director.


Co-director / Editor / Animator

Gavin is a practicing artist working in both illustration and film. He completed his BA hons in Fine Art in 2001 specialising in film and installation and since then has carved a successful career in the film industry. 



Rod Dixon is a Fine Art graduate, musician, producer and DJ. He has a background in live musical performance, turntablism and Hip Hop production. The soundtrack to "Lines In The Sand" is Rod’s maiden voyage into composition and performance for film.


Actor / Narrator

For the past decade, Stuart London has worked professionally across a wide range of film making roles. He's written and performed a series of radio plays for London's Resonance FM, extensively video documented the capital's avant-garde music scene, is the vocalist in heavy rock band Bad Guys, and an occasional music and film journalist. He recently created large scale projections for The Royal Danish Opera and is currently working on his first feature length documentary. 

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