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Jackalope films was founded in 2012 and is the collaborative film project of Gavin Round and Corrina EastwoodBoth met at art school and while Corrina went on to continue her practice as a fine artist and qualify as an art psychotherapist, Gavin carved out a career in the film industry.


Their first short animation ‘Lines in the Sand', completed in 2012 after 5 years in the making, was screened at the Protein Gallery London in July of the same year and screened as part of a stunning installation along with each individual hand drawn frame. ‘Lines’ was also shown at Cannes film festival and Raindance film festival also in the same year.


Jackalope Films' latest film 'The Baby And The Snake' is a documentary exploring Romani Gypsy culture, archetypal storytelling and the part that cultural identity and how that identity is perceived socially, impacts on personal stories, experiences and relationships. 


Directed by Corrina Eastwood and filmed by Gavin Round. See more here

Lines In The Sand at Cannes


Lines In The Sand at The Protein Gallery


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